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April 8, 2013
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)

He removed his shirt to get ready and pinned her to the bed once they got in their room. Her heart raced faster than a horse. Who knew this side of her partner, that pink haired idiot was keeping it bundled up inside him for who knew how long. But now, he can't control it, he had to let it all out someday.
"N-natsu..." She murmured
"Luce, I know what Gajeel told you about dragon slayer. I'm pretty sure you know what'll happen next" he nibbled her neck as she remembered what the metal mage warned her about


"Oi, Lucy, I've heard about you're relationship with Natsu. Congrats" said  Gajeel
"Uh, thanks. But why are you being so kind all of the sudden?" Lucy wondered
"Listen, I need to warn you about the dragon slayer's mating instincts" whispered Gajeel. Lucy glanced at her lover across the guild, his ear twitched as if he heard everything
"I know you guys are all lovey dovey but I know one of the reason why Natsu wanted to date you" he mumbled so soft
"Huh? What is it?"
"He's going through mating season right now"
"Eh?! Y-you m-mean...!?"
"Yup, have fun" Gajeel smirked and walked away. Lucy thought it was just a prank from the metal dragon but now she knows it's clear as crystal that its true

~end of the the flashback~

"N-natsu~~" she whined "please...don't do this, I'm not ready" 
"Mhhh? Are you sure? 'Cause you sound and smell ready" he licked her neck upwards and slipped his naughty tongue inside her mouth. Dominating her. Commanding her. Owning her. Lucy couldn't help but to play along with their tongues fighting over an unknown war.

After she got on playing with him in each others mouths. He separating for the lack of oxygen, he couldn't help to smile over her sudden pout
"Don't worry babe, you want more?" He licked cheek
"Uhnn, y-yes" she mumbled, blushing that she just said that. But it wasn't a lie
"Can't hear you, babe" 
"Y-yes!" He smiled at her eagerness
"Good girl" he whispered in her ear. He slowly and seductively started unbuttoning her night shirt as he gave her another smooch on the lips to be distracted with. As soon as the buttons were all out he slowly opened her shirt, making her white bra reveal to him. 
"N-natsu..." She said weakly
"Relax, it's gonna be fine" he comforted her as he removed the cloth out of the bed. He gazed at her brown orbs as she gazed at his starry night ones. He gently slipped down the straps of her bra and moved his hand to unclip it off. It was still laying on top of his mountain of pleasure but was quickly removed as natsu slipped it off her, out of the bed into the dark corner of the room. They bobbed a bit at first and the stellar mage was shy and covered it with her arms. Natsu took both arms and pinned them above her
"Tsk tsk, Luce. You need to be a good girl, especially to me" he scolded like it was innocent
"B-but...I-I'm hal-lf n-nak-ked in front of y-you" she stuttered
"So am I, what's the difference?" He smirked
"..." She kept quiet and pouted at him. 

He licked her bosom and gave her shivers of his warm fluid on her chest. He noticed her pink buttons getting harder and decided to give 'em a little lovin
"P-please be gentle" she squeaked as if she was a delicate glass, easily cracked. Like what he's about to do with her cherry.
"Don't worry, you're strong" he encouraged and licked her pinks, making her flinch. He licked her right one while pinching the other. She bit her lip to seal the desperate moans. He noticed what she was doing and he bit and pinched harder
"Ahhh!" A moan escaped her mouth as natsu chuckled at his accomplishment. He did the same with the other button and had enjoyed her sounds when he did.
"Mhhh, n-natsu-ahhh" she moaned out his name for his enjoyment. When Lucy got used to his torcher, Natsu got easily bored. He noticed the hem of her skirt and tugged it a bit. She shuddered at his movement
"N-natsu..I-I'm..not sure..." She mumbled
"I know you want me to" he smirked at the stellar mage 
"..." He doesn't know what she really wanted, she was just blushing red, trying hard to not make eye contact
"I don't hear a no" he licked his lips and as fast as he could, slid down her blue skirt of her smooth and weak legs.
"Natsu!" But before she spoke it was already off. She tightened her thighs to close it in
"What did I say, Luce, be a good girl. Because right now you're being a bad girl to me"
"But natsu...I scared"
"Oh, Luce, you're hurting my feelings. I love you and I would never hurt you"
"You mean that?" 
"Yes" she looked at his onyx eyes, nothing but love and care, not really lust-full or crazy perverted. Just warmth and care. It's just his mating instincts really needed this.
"Come on, don't be a bad girl" he kissed her belly button
"B-but i-i'm a na-aughty girl r-ri-ight now N-natsu~" he forced her legs to separate and got between her legs so she won't close up again. She was wet, really wet. A small soggy spot in the middle of her panties. The scent was desperate like all those 'no's were just a lie to keep this crazy scent away from him.
"Yes, Luce. A naughty little good girl" he traced her slit as it slid down to the wet spot. 

She had her eyes tightly shut while biting her lip, waiting for me to make my move. I gently touched the wet spot and she flinched, I backed off. I tried again and she tried to stay calm but squirmed a lot. I used my left arm to hold her hips down and my right hand to press that wet spot again. I held her down as she tried squirming when she slightly calmed down a bit, I added slight pressure and the squirming comes back
"S-stop" she moaned but I added more pressure. The more I press the more I smell that crazy scent again, coming from her womanhood. 
"N-natsuuuuu~" she moaned out my name "th-that t-tickles" I heard a small giggle from her
"How about we get this thing out?" I traced the hem of her panty
"Mhhhh..." She moaned
"I'm taking that as a yes" I pulled away that pesky cloth and got it out. All I see now is pink, pink and blonde. Funny, our hair colors are on her skin.
"Y-you're s-staring..." She said in a shy and shameful tone
"I just thought that you look cute"
"..." All she can do is blush madly
"So how many you want?" I directly asked
"One? Two? Or go to four instead?" I showed my fingers with a smirk that can't stop
"No! One!"
"Ok, two"
"Only One-gyahh" huh? She shuts up when I just rub the lips of her pussy. She's so easy to control.
"N-n-n-naaaa-tsuuuuu~~~" she moaned my name
"Heh" I lazily rubbed my fingers closer to the hot core. She tossed her head back and forth trying to seal her screams and let out a loud moan instead. I slipped my two other fingers
"Kyahhhh! Natsuuuu!"
"S-sorry, does it hurt?" I worriedly asked
"Mhhh, just do what you're doing" she spoke in her heavy breathing. Guess she likes it, so I continued slipping my fingers in. Then I suddenly felt a soggy, spongy like thing in her. Is this what they called, g-spot? when I touched it she yelped and screamed my name like she's seen hell as more cum flowed out of her
"Naaaat~suuuuu" she moaned loudly. The more I touch it the more she likes and it and screams my name
"Kyahhhhh! Natsuuuuu" I held onto her hips tighter, sheesh are all girls this delicate here. Then I saw that cute little nub that those old perverts in the guild talked about, what's it called...clit? Yeah. I think that's the word. I blew a stream of warm air at that nub and Luce started squirming and wiggled like an endangered worm. I couldn't help to chuckle at her, how weak she looked
"You ok, Luce?" I asked with a smirk
"Ngh, please..." I gently placed my thumb on her nub
"He he" I chuckled
"Na-natsuuu~ p-please..." She pleaded but I gently rubbed clit with my thumb
"Yes, Luce?" Yeah, I'm being sadistic. But I know she's gonna get her revenge sooner or later. Her lungs were smaller, she breathed faster to keep up with me
"what Luce? This?" I gently placed my tongue on her clit
"Mhh, y-yes!" She succeeded to say
"Why didn't you say so" I continued licking her little cute nub and she continued shaking like a worm
"Does my little Luce like it when her clit is being played with?" I baby talked
"Nghhh, yes! L-Luce l-lik-kes it when sh-she's b-being p-p-pl-layed wit-th n-natsu" I couldn't help but to smile
"Good girl" I mumbled and rewarded her with a stroke of my tongue on her clit. 

He let her rest and just kissed her inner thighs to keep her aroused, she must love him so much to keep him going after all those screams and moans, she looked like she went through a scary roller coaster, that's him. Natsu laid next to his lover, they breathed heavy as cold sweat dripped from their foreheads.
"You ok?" He asked. She nodded
"Natsu...have you...ever done this to another girl?" He gave her a weird look
"No, why?"
" just seem like you're already experienced" she mumbled
"...guess that's what the dragon instincts does to me" 
"I love you" she kissed his cheek
"I love you too" he kissed her sweet lips "I'm sorry you have to deal with me"
"I-it's ok, I'm used to it" she giggled a bit. He got the blanket and kept her in his arms, she felt tired and ached. But she knew this wasn't over...yet
I felt horny and wrote this. Please tell me what you think, and I'll continue this. Inspired by mangaku shuzen(-senpai)
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I must say I did get a little wet at the fit few moan in the story.☺
Iris20015 Jan 26, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Nice. I liked it. It was very detailed.😊
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I literally got a nose bleed. literally! I seriously not kidding.
Is there more???

Please tell me there's more!!!!!

angelica-micah Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Extreme nosebleeding!The Monkey With the Nosebleed 
Haha that was very good. You wrote the dom parts well
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